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about the project

The project entitled “The European Eastern University” is being implemented from 1 September 2014 to 31 August 2016. The project’s objectives are to promote Lublin as an academic city, to establish cooperation between the Lublin Municipality and the universities, to develop good practices for the creation of the city’s educational and non-educational programmes for students from Eastern Partnership countries, and to support the policies of Lublin universities in the field of attracting international students and providing education in majors adjusted to the needs of potential employees in Lublin and Eastern Partnership countries.

Higher education institutions that operate in the European Union should constantly expand their programmes and improve the quality of educational services on offer, to ensure the best possible future for their students on the labour market. Students from third countries, including many students from Eastern Partnership countries, form an important group of the students at EU universities. These students very often opt for Polish universities, and many study or wish to study in Lublin, which is largely influenced by the city’s location near the eastern border of the EU.

There is a need to adjust the educational package of higher education institutions to the needs of students from the aforementioned counties. Therefore, the project will aim to make the academic package of Lublin more appealing to international students (especially those from Eastern Partnership countries) through the implementation of innovative and pro-quality changes at Lublin-based universities, under a partnership between the Local Government and higher education institutions. Consequently, every Lublin-based university participating in the project will organise a new major or specialisation in an existing major that will focus on the issues corresponding to the needs of international students from Eastern Partnership countries, which will be targeted at those students.

There is also a need to devise comprehensive solutions to improve on the studying resource in Lublin, especially for international students. Therefore, these solutions will be developed based on surveys conducted on students from Eastern Partnership countries who study in Lublin and in their motherlands, as well as on the experience of foreign partners.
The main activities under the project

  • A survey of international students studying in Lublin in terms of the quality of the received educational programme, the need to change it, a complementary package, and their quality of life in the city – surveys complemented by in-depth interviews;
  • A survey of the motivations of potential international students – surveys carried out using an electronic device;
  • Desk research of existing solutions and good practices in respect of the package for international students;
  • Study visits, including workshops, to Lublin, Vilnius and Ružomberok, to improve the knowledge of the creation of educational programmes within the framework of partnership between the Local Government and higher education institutions, especially of programmes attractive to international students;
  • Developing comprehensive solutions to promote studying opportunities in Lublin for students from Eastern Partnership countries in the form of a collective publication based on the analyses of survey reports, study visits and recommendations made by international experts.

The project is being implemented by the Lublin Municipality in partnership with 3 Lublin-based universities:Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, the Catholic University of Lublin and the Lublin University of Technology, and 2 foreign universities: Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius (Lithuania) and the Catholic University in Ružomberok (Slovakia).
The project is co-financed from EU funds under the Erasmus + Programme.