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The Wrap-Up Conference of the “Eastern European University” project

We are pleased to invite you to the conference that will bring to a conclusion the over two-year-old “Eastern European University” project. The conference takes place on 30 September 2016 in Lublin as part of the 5th Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress.


We will be particularly delighted to welcome:

– members of the academic community who are in charge of international student-exchange schemes, programmes to increase foreign-student presence, who are developing new study curricula addressed to foreign students and deal with the internationalisation of tertiary institutions, and all those who are involved with the Eastern Partnership;

– representatives of local authorities who are in charge of liaising with tertiary institutions, developing internationalisation strategies and supporting foreigners;

– those who are interested in academic cooperation with the East.


The conference will summarise the outcomes of the “Eastern European University” project. A number of important issues involving education, in particular in its international context, have been discussed during the project. These issues will be raised at the conference, which will also discuss a number of good examples of how local authorities can cooperate with tertiary institutions, and how tertiary institutions from various countries can work together on establishing dual-degree programmes, facilitating student migration between the Eastern Partnership countries, and developing interesting educational programmes for students from these countries.


Registration for the conference is open until 18 September (if you need a visa invitation letter, please register by 21 August at the latest). To register for the conference, go to the website of the Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress http://kongres.lublin.eu/rejestracja

In the “Interesuje mnie następująca tematyka (I am interested in the following subject) field, please mark “Nauka i edukacja (Science and education).


The conference will take place at the Lublin Conference Centre at 2 Grottgera St.



No admission fees will be charged. Where convenient, the host might provide accommodation.


Downloads: The Programme of the wrap-up conference of the “Eastern European University”