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A presentation of the results of research conducted under the “European Eastern University” project

The research conducted under the project is a source of valuable knowledge on the satisfaction of foreign students in Lublin, the motivations of potential students from the Eastern Partnership countries for studying in Lublin, and the good practices in the enrolment of international students, present in other cities and universities.

We would like to share the results of our research, to benefit the highest possible number of universities and local governments, so they can bolster their internationalisation strategies and attract more students from the East. Despite the fact that most research concerns Lublin, some conclusions can also be used to make the situation better in other Polish cities.

It is important to make the most of these results to devise good solutions for Lublin. It is necessary to discuss the research results among the Lublin-based institutions that are interested in the development of the international dimensions of Lublin’s academics.

For this reason, the Lublin Municipality, as the coordinator of the project, has organised a meeting to present the research results. It was held on 23 September 2015 in the City Hall. The meeting saw the participation of representatives of seven universities in Lublin, both State-owned and private, as well as of two employers associations.

After the presentation of the research results, an interesting discussion sprung up, during which several fundamental problems associated with attracting new students from Eastern Partnership countries were identified to be faced in a sustainable way catering for foreign as well as for Polish students and for the local community.

The key issues included:

  • determining a strategy for Lublin – whether we should make Lublin something more than just an educational stage in one’s life, or allow it to take the role of an academic city, in which students live only to study
  • creating an integration package for foreign students
  • improving the linguistic competences of students from Eastern Partnership countries
  • improving internship opportunities for students
  • acting for the benefit of Polish students in order not to make them feel discriminated against
  • combating xenophobia

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