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The Lublin Municipality – the Project Coordinator

Lublin, also referred to as the capital of Eastern Poland, is the biggest and the most buoyant city on the right side of the Vistula. As the capital of the Lublin Voivodeship it fulfils the role of the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the region. Lublin is home to nearly 340 thousand residents, which makes it the 9th most populous city in Poland.

The history of Lublin, which spans more than 700 years, includes many events that changed Poland and Europe. The city’s rich history, its location in a melting pot of cultures, a historical heritage saturated with Jagiellonian tradition, and the mixture of cultures and religions, create a magical atmosphere which you can feel and experience. This place attracts its visitors with its unique atmosphere and lush architecture abounding in monuments.

10.10 2007 Lublin Starowka lubelskafot. Mikolaj Majda

Lublin is one of the most important and most buoyant academic centres in Poland. It attracts prospective students with its rich academic package, excellent scientific personnel and activities aiming at supporting students, among other things, by scholarships and awards. In the city there are 9 universities, 5 of which are state institutions and 4 are private. Lublin is a city of young and active people. More than 75 thousand students study here and develop their passions, including over 4 thousand international students.

Lublin is a Gateway to the East, and Poland’s showcase in its contacts with Eastern Partnership countries. This is a result of not only its geopolitical location, but also of the cultural heritage of the city. Lublin is the undisputed Polish leader when it comes to cooperation with Eastern partners. This cooperation encompasses both official contacts between authorities and offices, and direct relationships between many institutions, companies and non-governmental organisations.

10.10 2007 Lublin Starowka lubelskafot. Mikolaj Majda