The Wrap-Up Conference of the “Eastern European University” project is behind us!

The “Eastern European University” project is close to its conclusion, so it is time for a summary. The final conference, which was held on 30 September 2016 in the Lublin Conference Centre, was the ideal occasion for this. It gathered nearly 200 participants, mostly from Poland, the States of the Eastern Partnership (mainly Ukraine and Belarus) and representatives of project partners from Slovakia and Lithuania. (more…)

A contest for young scientists from the Eastern Partnership countries for obtaining funds for participation in the Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress

Funding the participation of persons under 35 years of age, holding a PhD (Candidate of Sciences), who wish to take part in the discussions during the discussion panels of Science and Education programme area and other programme areas held during the Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress, is possible within the framework of the 5th edition of the Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress and the Wrap-up Conference for the European Eastern University Project. The winners will be provided with accommodation and full board during the event, from 29th September to 1st October 2016. (more…)

The Wrap-Up Conference of the “Eastern European University” project

We are pleased to invite you to the conference that will bring to a conclusion the over two-year-old “Eastern European University” project. The conference takes place on 30 September 2016 in Lublin as part of the 5th Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress.


We will be particularly delighted to welcome:

– members of the academic community who are in charge of international student-exchange schemes, programmes to increase foreign-student presence, who are developing new study curricula addressed to foreign students and deal with the internationalisation of tertiary institutions, and all those who are involved with the Eastern Partnership;

– representatives of local authorities who are in charge of liaising with tertiary institutions, developing internationalisation strategies and supporting foreigners;

– those who are interested in academic cooperation with the East. (more…)

The “Study in Lublin” Brochure

A brochure encouraging young people, especially from the Eastern Partnership countries, to study in Lublin, is now available. The brochure provides information on the academic potential of Lublin and makes a case for the city as an excellent place to study in. Also, the publication contains updates on new educational programmes being developed as part of the “European Eastern University”.

The brochure is available in four languages – Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian. It will be distributed by the Lublin City and Lublin’s tertiary institutions that are involved in the project – Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin and the Lublin University of Technology. (more…)

New higher-education opportunities under the “Eastern European University” project

The project included the development of new majors, which were designed with the students from the Eastern-Partnership countries in mind. The offered majors meet the needs of the labour market and the educational needs of the EP youth, thanks to which the graduates will be well equipped to enter the labour markets of the European Union and their home countries.

The new courses include:

– a postgraduate course “The citizen and the enterprise in the internal market of the European Union” at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (conducted in Polish) Download PDF

– a postgraduate course on the development of Central and Eastern Europe at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (conducted in English) Download PDF

– a specialisation course “Sustainable Building” at the Lublin University of Technology (conducted in English) Download PDF

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our educational package, extending our special invitation to candidates from the Eastern-Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine).


The Eastern European University – summary and recommendations

We present to you a compilation summarising the first part of the “Eastern European University” project. The compilation provides a number of ideas for solutions to improve the higher-education opportunities offered by Lublin and to make higher education in Lublin more attractive to foreign students, especially from the Eastern Partnership countries.

In it, you will find information on: (more…)

The 3rd study visit with workshop as part of the project ‘The European Eastern University’

Another study visit with workshop, already the third, took place on 22-28 November 2015, this time in Ruzomberok, Slovakia. This was the last of the cycle of study visits. (more…)

The “European Eastern University’s” presence at the Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress

One of the items on the agenda of the 4th Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress was a panel discussion entitled “Student Migrations”, which took place on 2 October 2015 in the Grodzka Gate in Lublin. (more…)

A presentation of the results of research conducted under the “European Eastern University” project

The research conducted under the project is a source of valuable knowledge on the satisfaction of foreign students in Lublin, the motivations of potential students from the Eastern Partnership countries for studying in Lublin, and the good practices in the enrolment of international students, present in other cities and universities. (more…)

The 2nd study visit with workshops under the “European Eastern University” project

Another study visit under the project is over!

On 13-19 September the second study visit with workshops took place in Vilnius. The objective of this visit was to familiarise its participants with the functioning of Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) and the Vilnius City Office, as well as with cooperation between these entities. (more…)